Nordic Online Learning Academy - NOLA(北欧网络学习课堂)

Latest knowledge from Denmark and Scandinavia - 来自丹麦和北欧的最新实用知识

Welcome to Nordic Online Learning Academy – NOLA.

NOLA develop people and competences through online learning experiences.

Our learning trajectories are based upon scientifically validated practical knowledge, gained through years of experience in Nordic knowledge institutions.

Our method and approach is based upon our experience with developing and implementing face-to-face and online learning experiences that create change in your everyday praxis.

Behind Nordic Online Learning Academy is Nordic Praxis. Nordic Praxis develops face-to-face and online learning trajectories, focusing on enabling people to develop competences that they can benefit from in everyday professional life.

Nordic Praxis collaborates with VIA University College whom is the leading provider of further professional education in the Nordic Countries. VIA University College is one of the providers that Nordic Praxis uses to develop content to the online learning trajectories.

Nordic Praxis collaborates with Cadpeople, a leading online learning and design company that has years of experience designing and implementing online learning solutions to leading Danish businesses.